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As the world around us becomes more secular, we lose sight of what the Bible, specifically Christianity, has given us. Christianity is more than going to church once a week and attending Sunday school classes. It’s a lifestyle that shows us, through the Bible, the life we should be living. The reward is better than any we could hope to find on Earth.

At Life Changing Christian Counseling, we have been based in Matawan, NJ, for over ten years. As a not-for-profit counseling organization that provides pastoral counselors, as well as licensed and certified clinical Christian counseling, we have been utilizing faith-based counseling for those who are hurting to great effect.

Our counseling practices use your religious belief as a gateway into a happier life for you. Our counselors work alongside you to identify whatever your problem might be, find a solution, and aid in you the process of recovery for however long it might take. We use the Arno Temperament Profile to get to the root of your problems faster, allowing us to focus more heavily on your spiritual healing than diagnosing your issue.

Whether you are searching for individual, couples, family, or domestic violence counseling, we can assist you. Our only concern is your well-being, and we are committed to bringing healing to your mind, body and soul closer to God with a greater understanding of His word. For more information on how we use Christian counseling for help in recovering from whatever issues, pain and concerns, contact us.

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